Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Plague 78

 Well its back to the winter fun filled existence yet again , lockdown isnt any different from our normal life , pretty boring and pointless sums it up . Mr BH finally got to go for his blood tests , the nurse informed him hes the only person shes seen who has actually lost weight during lockdown . He promptly crapped himself when the receptionist rang him to say hes low in iron yet again and the doctor wants to know why ? well hes been waiting to go for cautery for his never ending nosebleeds for over a year  now , his nosebleeds are of epic proportions and he needs cautery every couple of years. Nothing happening on that score at the moment so yes he has anemia.  From what i can gather they are working their way through the practice alphabetically trying to get all the government extra cash for actually doing something ,  maybe the doctor could try reading the patients notes and it would all go a bit quicker ..wild suggestion                  Actually ventured to little Tesco in Lincoln Saturday dinner , plenty of loo roll etc , actually got what i went for, a big pack of tinned cat food for old cat , i always try to buy cans whenever i can at least they can be recycled easily , lots of photos in the local press showing it had been stripped by locusts by Sunday Lunch , here we go yet again.  Well stocked on the grocery front , have a Morrisons delivery expected , it should be interesting in the extreme , i can get away with a trip to the butchers every couple of weeks . At least it has been confirmed that he can still go disabled fishing , usually hes packed up for the year now but him and BIL say theyre off to continue till xmas subject to the weather . Then theyre off to save up and renew some of his dads permits , they have used them all this season and its cost them virtually nothing in fees . So thats the tedium that is life at the moment , im off to watch the raindrops run down the window for a bit of excitement...lol  


  1. Do you remember Plague post 1 and I said I hope to God that you don't get to Plague 100 and it's now getting closer and I can't feel upbeat another lockdown .

  2. I'm pleased your husband finally got his tests done and that you are well stocked up.

  3. I know that it must be tedious, but at least your country is doing something...mine simply denies there's a problem. We'll probably be at 10 million cases by years end, 250,000 dead. All those people who were so certain that the virus was one big hoax that will go away once the election was over? The election is over. Covid? Still here.