Wednesday 26 February 2020


A few months ago my daughter designated me as Weird , ive never really thought of myself as weird , but i suppose she now spends so much time with her partners family that I fail in comparison to normal people like them .  Grandson asked why my house is so messy "because i like chaos , its my comfortable " that shut him up.
Today im creating utter chaos by dragging out the freebie Singer I repaired but havent had a chance to play with machine . thats a tomorrow project i will run it to its limits to see how much it can do . shopping bags for foodbank  and to give away at carboot this summer , these will be practically no cost other than time , ive a stack of curtains and furnishing samples to use up and endless bags of weird coloured thread to use up .
Sarcastic son has commented that hes decided my funeral pyre will be made up of knitting patterns and craft books , i have pointed out that he needs to check on ebay before doing so as he may be torching his inheritance, later found him looking up how to burn a body and knitting  he insists hes just preparing for Corona virus but he did  get designated most likely to end up a serial killer in his school yearbook so maybe i should worry? 
I have also succeeded in baffling Mr Bah Humbug , he opened the wardrobe to find a purple ball gown , that generated a wtf moment . well it was 30p from the jumble last week it fits, its glorious , i will never have any occasion to wear it , but what the hell im weird they had all better get used to it


  1. you are my kind of weird!!! Regular people are not my kind of people!

  2. I love the sound of the ball gown, what a treat.