Sunday, 1 March 2020


So i have achieved i hope and managed to transfer a photo from the ipad to the big girl puter !!!  Anyway i did a jumble and a table top sale locally yesterday , spent a whole £1 on stuff i didnt need but caught my eye , the little hobbycraft  sewing basket had the wool some needles and an unfinished something inside , which i will unravel . then the village tabletop sale yielded the amazing 1930s Practical Guide to Home Knitting, loads of patterns for underwear and socks and lots of photos to explain . Ive a whole pile of the Wartime ones of these already . Odhams produced loads of Hobby Books back then and out here in the villages everyone must have kept them , theyre distinguished by their grey drab covers among modern shiny books the dust jackets being long gone .
So yesterday i gritted my teeth and rang my mother after the xmas incident where she told me i would be doing the best thing for my children by killing myself . She doesnt change , i got berated for not ringing though she claims she never said any such thing , the story of my life im afraid , no matter how vile she is to me its my imagination , i just make up stories . Sadly for her at the time she was on speaker phone so my other half heard the whole conversation , hence not ringing her for 2 months because he wouldnt lend me his phone.
 Anyway she has self isolated because theres Coronavirus in the next town and is quite enjoying herself with all the wine she had stockpiled for Brexit , shes not answering the door to anyone just incase , I did point out that she needs to make herself a bit more visable even if by only chatting to the postman from inside the porch because i can see where this story is going . Doubtless her concerned neighbours will end up ringing the police as she hasnt been seen for days , she has those vertical blinds so that nobody can see in . Its good that the neighbours keep an eye on her, but she is known to the police for her antics on numerous occasions so they will doubtless send some very junior member of staff  just for the wind up value . This poor soul will doubtless incur the wrath of mother . I wish them luck


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  2. I have been meaning to comment that I find your posts about your mother very helpful because she sounds just like mine! X

    1. oh yes there are lovely mothers then there are the really strange ones that some of us are blessed with