Thursday, 26 March 2020

Plague 9

My little trip out yesterday went rather well , except for the doctor trip . despite checking online that it was ready , one tablet of mine is unavailable , its an obscure one and they struggle to get it , could i come in everyday to see if its here ?  Errr No .  I have a couple of weeks worth and i wont die from not taking it . the new system doesnt allow you to see if they havent filled the whole prescription request AAARRRGGGHHH
The Coop has a 10 people in the shop ruling theres not queues down the road just four or five people outside , the problem is the aisles are so narrow you cant stand miles apart , have you noticed that theres a lot of people seem to be losing there marbles ?  there was a women in the coop scuttling into corners muttering that everyone was to close .  Got the bits i needed along with a great big bag of yellow stickered items to top the freezer up , you can only buy 2 items of anything so its a tad varied , we are still living in a bog roll desert .
Spotted the butchers was open so popped in , he was pleasantly busy, no big queue a lot of pensioners kept pulling up outside then waiting till the shop was empty and scuttling in .  He kept asking why people didnt shop there usually and we all said the same thing , bloody tourists . You cant normally park anywhere and they are just under your feet  did suggest opening an hour earlier in the summer months , hes a damned good butcher and hes not expensive .
In fact the whole lack of tourists make it pleasant to visit the tourist hell that is Woodhall Spa , not a caravan to be seen  , sheer bliss .


  1. Just realised that we visited Woodall spa and thought what a wonderful place it was . I sent hubby shopping he brought back everything on the list but it was not right somehow , I do like to choose things myself . The local post office has closed now , I have two important letters to post and something to post to my son who is about to be deployed to join his ship in the gulf . So now we have to go to a larger town .

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  2. Have not entered any large shops since the 2nd March so I listen and watch the "The Tales of Shopping Hell" and get more concerned about what I may face. My supermarket shopping usually done on line (for 6 years) has been blocked at present and I await improvements in service patiently enough. Local Farm shop doing a delivery tonight so no fresh worries. I may have hunt down 1. Shampoo and 2. tinned tomatoes fairly soon. Otherwise we are fine!

  3. There was loo roll in my local farm shop. Sending good vibes

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