Tuesday, 3 March 2020

To Infinity

Well I just watched Boris giving his dont panic speech on the BBC about Coronavirus .  I dont think theres the remotest chance that this wont spread in fact it sounds rather like the virus that has been killing so many around here since before Xmas .  Other half is crapping himself  he knows he is what they class as high risk mainly because if he starts coughing his ribs giveaway , so to celebrate hes ordered loads of fishing bait because nobody ever got fish flu did they?  He has threatened to burn my Wish packages on arrival ..lol  ...like to see him try and he has been self isolating since October anyway .
We are extremely well stocked up on the pantry front , so last shop tomorrow and then hibernate for the rest of the year maybe?
Saw the GP the other day and asked if we are all doomed and she said only if you listen to the government and i think that pretty much sums it up


  1. Never stocked up for Brexit but have order two more cans of beans. LOL. Pushing ahead with full veg seed sowing for the year - may be time for us all to feed ourselves instead of relying on others! Have declined our regular dentist and eye check up appointments for a while though - just the thought of someone breathing that close to me gives me the hijeebs!

    1. we have bigger store cupboards than most mainly because we live in the middle of nowhere

  2. Tell your hubbie the virus originated in a fish market in China tho .x Merle

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