Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Plague 3

Yesterday it sunk in to mister BH that the end is nigh . What will we do for cat food , 3 months tinned 6 months dried chuck . By the end of the day he was running out of things to think of that we dont have in .  He finally nailed me with batteries , it seems i havent stocked some battery he needs for his radios so we must venture out to get them  So off to so called civilisation to get some later this morning , not worried, he may be classed as high risk but he doesnt actually shop due to his walking . He wont stop at home but will just sit in the car , i will forage anything interesting on my little trip out . Theres a lot of coughing and sneezing out there but its the normal winter snot bug doing the rounds , there have only been a couple of cases in this part of the world . im sure the worst is yet to come but while i can get him out i will . I have plans for the seaside with a flask of tea and sandwiches for the weekend.
The troops have all logged in, Useful son has plenty of food but ran out of loo roll , I did point out just go to the newsagent over the road and they let him have 4 rolls ,ive even managed to make contact with Young Baldrick , who doesnt seem to be at a good place mentally , Mummy dearest is her usual vile self , pissed and grumpy sums her up , shes currently run out of hand sanitiser and has unearthed a couple of bottles of brandy from somewhere in her stash to use . Yesterday i even considered sending her the sausages she likes by overnight post just to stop her wandering the streets ..aaarrrggghhhhh
Mr has just informed me that i need to forage for his brother and family today,  they have half a pig in the freezer plenty of loo roll but no other food in the house and their village shop is empty....just great !! 


  1. Is the brother and family older/frailer than you then? If not leave them to it or ask them to get you stuff while they are out!

    1. brother has severe asthma , both the kids jobs have gone and his wife will be layed off on Friday as she is the school cleaner, they have no transport in a village with two buses a week transport. I have swapped a big box of essentials with them for a huge leg of pork

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  2. You are well prepared and I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Actually I did get batteries because the cheap ones we bought a Christmas are useless. You're doing a grand job, stay safe and look after yourself too!

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