Tuesday 18 February 2020

Political Anomalies

Im sorry ive gone all political again due to a couple of questions raised by my peculiar taste in media reading .
Question one : Why are they all ranting about the pay raise for the House of Lords per day that takes the pay to more than a single person gets a month on Universal Workhouse ?  Im sure they all deserve said pay rise . But isnt this easily cured , just apply a benefits cap to the Lords or even in a spirit of communism make it a means tested benefit.  Then of course none of them will bother to show up , except those who use it as a care home for parking aged politicos for the day .
Question Two : Eugenics , why are those who really shouldnt be allowed to breed and who nobody in their right mind would be willing to breed with so keen on eugenics for everyone else , perchance are they a superior brand of weasel ?
Question Three: Do you see the comparison between Boris and Henry the Eighth ?  Surrounded by sycophants and with an ever growing ego . I found it chilling when he sat round that cabinet  table with his acolytes getting them to recite his campaign pledges.

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