Saturday, 29 December 2018


Glad to see the back of that event , one of those xmas days  when if it could go wrong it did go wrong . The damned oven picked that day to die , it took 5 hours to cook a tiny turkey , that was dried up and unappetising , the top oven gave up the ghost altogether so we didnt get dinner till 5 it was scheduled for 1 . I was drowning in snot dying by inches and nobody wanted to help with anything. One son got hammered cos his dinner was late !!! middle son announced dinner is at his next year , i did point out that could be in a cardboard box with his cat on a string . Mr BH was trying to be chirpy not sure which of his medications hed saved up to achieve that .
But i did get a very nice Dremmel type set that i have lots of use for from Mr BH , I bought him a set of wheeltrims so we were both happy , the munchkin got tons from his mother most of which he promptly broke, declared he didnt want and was thoroughly ungrateful and vile about , very glad to see the back of him as he and his mum went to my exes for Dinner .
So yes xmas lived up to my expectations , im still snot riddled and have a death rattle cant taste or smell anything but snot , breathless and wheezy. Im cooking xmas pud today with yesterdays turkey stew heated up . Somehow ive got to magic a buffet up for New Years Day for the rest of the tribe , including allergy riddled trainee daughter in law  , clean up this shitpit , including the wet room that looks as if theyve been making cement in it and not kill any of this selfish what does a hoover look like bunch.....wish me luck


  1. I love a Dremel type toy. They are so versatile aren't they. Who says gadgets are for the boys? And I've got thatrotten bug too. Blimmin miserable isn't it

  2. Luck?! I think no one would blame you if you just walked out and left the lot of them to their own devices.

  3. Withhold food and drink until they pull their weight...?

  4. I have this year's festive lurgy so completely sympathise (and I didn't have a bunch of ungrateful guests to deal with so hats off to you). Seems like you've done your bit, it's time to declare yourself 'ill', batten down the hatches and tell them to make alternative arrangements. Perhaps the person who volunteered to host next year would like to make a head start and entertain on NYE instead...? Or they could all bring a dish to share and you could decamp to your bed where you need to be, by the sounds of it.

    1. just slept 14 hours straight ...human zombie sums me up

  5. Bloody hell woman, you're almost a saint.
    Have fun with your new toy and hope that 2019 brings you some joy. xxx
    PS That baby is cute!