Friday 4 January 2019

Tis the Season

Ive just spotted the first Jumble Sale of the Year , Dunholme Village Hall 1pm 5th January , not sure if im going we may have a few problems getting anywhere at weekends till after April the main road into Lincoln is going to be shut due to the bypass construction , this will doubtless give Mr BH yet another reason not to go anywhere , he doesnt need much of a reason !! so the extra mileage will doubtless be good enough .
The guests have now departed and the munchkin goes back to school next week so not long till i can get back to some sort of normality . New Year was interesting , I wasnt cooking due to still more of the lurgy that keeps on giving ,  i cooked the instant out of a box buffet from hell , just chuck in oven then, chuck on my endless collection of pretty plates and vintage pyrex , they still stuffed there faces just the same and proved my point that good food is wasted on the boys  ..though even the birds wouldnt take a second Macaroni
Trainee daughter in law has developed the exhausted rabbit in the headlights look that only a breastfeeding mum of a two hourly feed baby can get ,which was a good think as the boys all got a good maul of the baby while she snored on the sofa . Managed to show Young Baldrick that hes not crying for food hes crying because hes got wind and just needs a gentle tummy rub to get it moving without using food to force the pain away ...yep i had a small colicky baby many moons ago .
Best laugh of the day Young Baldrick the child care expert . He was ranting to his dad and the boys on how he will manage to sort out his partners eldest daughter 13 , he knew how to discipline her into behaving etc etc , as he left sarcastic son pointed out he as going to die trying , nobody wins with an angry jealous 13 year old girl . Personally i think hes being looking up  on his phone , how to be a step parent, the joys of Aspergers , she is going to have him for


  1. Oh I'd love to be a fly on the wall. 13 year old girls are hell on wheels, I had two of my own and I used to work in a secondary school!

  2. Omg I remember my Daughter at 13, at loggerheads with her Step dad!!Was like living in a war zone 😲😲