Tuesday 22 January 2019

Still Here

Well ive come to the end of my 5 day ration of painkillers and im now lucid , feeling the pain rather a lot and a couple of paracetamol isnt touching it , but being as im no longer a weeping scabby mess im cured according to this lot.  Weird mysteries ive discovered, does nobody thing the poor cats bowls need washing? or a cat litter changing ?  At least theyve being fed , well they would have eaten the kids if they didnt feed them . I gather the weird aches and pains can last a while along with spasms and other weird side effects caused by the antivirals and its now a waiting game to see if it comes back .
 Best comment this morning !!  Are you walking to school?  Not this week sunshine not happening .
Second best comment , Theres no big towels left , that didnt deserve an answer .
Another weird mystery how long would they let a line of washing hang out for , I may be back on duty but im just knackered not doing a lot , i may tackle hoovering today just because the sensation of walking on crunchy floors isnt good . Then again i might not ...ho hum


  1. Except that you have to live there, too, I would be tempted to see how long they could survive on their own. I would take care of the cats.

  2. I would take care of myself and the cats and let the rest of them fend for themselves! Selfish lot!
    Shingles can take a long time to recover from - and can flare up again. You need to rest and look after yourself. You must wish you could just run away and leave them to it!

  3. I am thinking of you Kate and hope that you feel better soon, it can take awhile to get over shingles so please look after yourself.

  4. I hope you start to feel a little better soon. I hope your family now realise all that you do for them. Don't overdo it it though, rest and take time to get better. XXXXX

  5. So sorry to hear about your shingles. If you can get hold of some lemon balm (tea) and some St John's wort oil for rubbing on the sores, it will help the pain. I don't know if you grow any herbs, but those two are worth while for lots of things. Ali English (Eldrum herbs)lives near you, so it might be worth contacting her.