Monday 14 January 2019

Old Biddy Party 2019

So its Monday im bored lets have a natter about the omni shambles that is Brexit .
WTF is going on ? if i had to get my crystal ball out I wouldnt put good money on any of the projected outcomes .  The only certainties I can see is the French making a fortune out of selling rubber dinghies and inflatable arm bands to people who dont grasp just how dangerous and busy the English Channel is. Post Brexit will we have a version of the Homeguard putting up barbed wire and mines on the beaches , im sure theres loads who would volunteer my mother could coordinate 

Then theres the tits in the Hi Vis , where has this bunch sprung from ? pale imitations of the French rioters ?  Explain please

What the hell is a Gammon , I always assumed it was something served with egg and chips in a chain pub ? Explain Please.

Lets face it, get the no deal Brexit over with walk away and get on with building a future , a very strange future with the walled city that will be London  still whinging about how the North sold them out forever from the wonders of a federated Europe and the North just going about its poverty stricken business as usual ...ho hum ...discuss please


  1. Whatever happens prices will rise, if for no other reason that benefit can be blamed.
    As for the idiot politicians claiming they want the best for Britain, ballrooms, they are only interested in self aggrandisement and lining their own pockets.

  2. Bloody predictive text, that should read, Brexit can be blamed.

  3. Our CBC news station has been following things quite closely and today broadcast May's speech concerning Ireland live. Tomorrow they will broadcast the vote - should be about 10am our time so I will watch before going to work.
    I do try to follow along - and to see both sides of the issue - but really, you must all be exhausted by now - no mater which side you are on!
    And yes, I suspect prices will rise one way or another and Brexit will be a convenient scapegoat no matter the real reason.
    If I was over there I would be doing a bit of stockpiling - just to avoid inconvenience more than anything as there will probably be shortages until everything gets sorted - which they will eventually once some big company starts losing money! Good luck!