Thursday 17 January 2019

The Bleedin Obvious

So its official , im actually ill.

Finally got to see a real GP our retired sometimes locum whos actually been a GP a very long time . It has proved hard to get to see him , because ive had endless calls to the receptionist for the last month to be told its just a bug, take paracetamol, stay in bed and give at least 4 weeks for the cough to clear , think i got an appointment on a slack day as the place was deserted . It would seem that my amazing skin problems caused by me not managing my diet well and all the Christmas food ive guzzled as the nurse practioner stated, are actually Shingles on a grand scale !!  They gave me antivirals but its 2 weeks to late really, but he said give it a try , probably caused by my bad reaction to the flu jab and being more run over than run down , 3-5 weeks minimum to heal up , struggling to walk sit and move because its mainly my sciatic nerve thats affected ,still coughing but then he thinks ive had pleurisy but its getting there, so not worth treating with antibiotics. 

He did ask if anyone had actually examined me , then raised his famously sarcastic eyebrow when i said of course not everything had happened over the phone .

My minions are trying, very trying . im struggling to stand on my already motorbike, long ago damaged leg for more than seconds  and still feel rather as if ive been hit by a bus, very wheezy and I have badly swollen legs by the end of the day . Ive scared Mr BH to death , hes turned into Mrs Doyle and keeps asking if i want a tea every 10 minutes , we may need all new carpets  because his tremors mean he gets it everywhere . Though when he offered to "cook" me a pot noodle , I think he got the hint
 The washing pile resembles an episode of hoarders , im sure someone will eventually give in and take responsibility or be crushed as they walk past it.

 Im mainly granny napping due to the lovely painkillers and dont care a 


  1. Kate, I feel for you and know exactly what you are talking about, we have the same thing here, the GP being no better than a chocolate teapot. I feel like giving up. We are waiting on the consultant to hopefully give us a ring today as there are no apointments available. Neither of us are getting any sleep as Tom is coughing all through the night. I no longer have any faith in anyone.
    Good luck your end anyway.

  2. Oh Kate, I don't know why you don't just up and leave...although I guess you've not got the strength at the mo! I hope you start to feel better soon, and that your lot start to take care of you and the house sooner!

  3. Hope you feel better soon, I am so grateful and indeed thankful for the service we get here. I smiled at your comment on my escort visitors, in fact it brightened my day so I thank you.

  4. You should complaine to the practice manager , if no one ever complains nothing will change . Their sheer incompetence has caused you pain and prolonged your illness .
    I am with sooze I would have upped and left by now and see how they all get on .
    I hope you are feeling better soon and give them all a kick up the bum x

  5. OMG - why is a receptionist diagnosing patients over he phone!! Someone would be suing over here if this had happened! If you had been given an appointment when you first phoned you'd have had the antivirus within the critical time period and been on your way to recovery by now! This is just shocking.
    As for your family - it is time to read them the riot act!!! Please take care.

  6. Oh Kate, so sorry to read. I had shingles also but doctor missed because I also had a kidney stone so they "assumed" that was the whole source of pain. I was also past time for the medicine to work. Took those horrible addictive pain meds for about a week. I was miserable, so I understand. Your family is going to have to step up and start doing laundry, cooking and other chores. Just rest and heal, it takes awhile.

    You never catch a break! You are so overdue, maybe some miracle is around the corner for you. ((hugs)), Pam

  7. I've had who goes and I know how low it can make you feel. I hope you feel better soon, take your time you deserve a break.