Friday 12 February 2021

Plague 101

 Ho Hum , nothings changed much apart from the addition of piles of white stuff , watching our youngest cat get over her absolute horror of snow has been fun we usually only get token white muddy mush so at 3 years old shes discovered the fun of chasing snowballs she can never catch and trying to catch big snowflakes while diving and attacking ancient cat who isnt very impressed at all .

Ventured out yesterday under protest , other half was climbing the walls and it did give a snow free day . But i dont feel the need to go anywhere at the moment , just a Lidl and M&S trip , . M&S was a queue down the road job all the pensioners having been housebound due to the weather they had decided to go out and get a trolley full of wine ready for the next snow all i wanted was an indian in a box and a few odds and ends . Then i realised they were all piling round the Valentines Day stuff  something i wouldnt have even thought of if i hadnt gone in .  Ended up venturing into Iceland Warehouse on the grounds that its always empty in a week , bought the worlds biggest bag of chicken nuggets which should keep other half happy till spring and some other weird chicken product hed seen advertised .  Then it was the usual argument because i didnt want fish and chips , im more than happy for him to have them and to take some home for son , all the years hes been with me and he just forgets that greasy food makes me ill , unless its the right day which happens maybe twice a year .  It developed into a wee bit of an argument , with him screaming at me and i just wont bite back . Hes been in a lot of pain the last couple of weeks since the hospital visits and hes takin it out on me as usual at the moment . Hes got really bad word salad and endlessly repeating himself , he just needs to sleep . But the problem got bad yesterday when the woman in the next car tapped on the window to see if i was alright . I just nodded yes and then got his chips and drove home in thundering silence , at least he has finally given in and settled into his heavy duty painkillers , keep having to wake him for medication and cups of 


  1. After you've medicated Mr BH,just put yourself first and have some time for You if possible to recover until the next outburst x

  2. I know how you feel about the take away I just don't enjoy them and my gut always protests afterwards but when you say no then anyone wanting to indulge feels guilty, fat and unhealthy because they are on their own in the act.