Tuesday 23 February 2021

Plague 103


trolls thrive on attention , therefore ignore the bleeding thing , its opinions are of no interest , I couldnt give a stuff whos who , nice Flis is more than welcome just ignore the other . THE END

So heres a Royal rant . Prince Phillip died on Saturday at least according to Twitter ,  then it was pointed out he was sat up in bed watching footie at the time .  His death may have been misreported  because he actually said "id sooner be dead than have Charles visit "  Or he may actually be dead and in a chiller awaiting a State funeral during Harry and Meghans interview on Oprah , hed think that was a grand idea , taking one for the Firm 

Someone did point out that Meghan might be the most media savvy person ever to steal Harry away . hes been bred specifically to be the ideal consort for a future politician when she runs for public office once the kids are big enough to be presentable on a podium . Harry is trained to stand with his hands behind his back and mumble and look interested practically from birth in practically any situation . Their will be no scandals , no running off with the office staff , lots of adoring looks for the missus . He is the perfect Labrador husband , just let him watch rugby on his giant telly and he will be contented . 


  1. I heard on the news yesterday that after Prince William visited his grandfather at the hospital-he said to reporters he was "Ok" which I thought a bit odd x

  2. I missed all the fun on your blog comments yesterday. Reminds me of the Sparticus film "I'm Flis" NO "I'm Flis"!