Friday 5 February 2021

Plague 100

 Sorry no prizes , flags etc  just more boredom from the fens  Sue we made it to 100!!  Im just glad we are all still here bimbling on . nothing exciting  happening , still going nowhere , dying to go out and start spring garden chores but the garden is totally waterlogged . Only a wee bit of chain sawing to tackle, that and the annual bramble cull at the very bottom .  Seed wise i start nothing very early , i need a new weed burner as the flint has died on mine , all seeds and compost are ready to go . 

On the bane of my existence my mother, we had a bit of a run in the other day .  Now i wasnt joking when i said she had got some kind of cat taser from the back pages of the Daily Mail . The other day i was stalking her on her local facebook pages and it seems somebody in the next street has had a cat injured by someone firing paint ball bullets at it , then a whole thread started it seems that in the few roads around her there has been at least 6 cats coming home covered in paint . Does anyone still get a daily paper and flick through the sale booklets ? can she possibly have got her hands on a small paint ball gun ?  She hates cats always has , she doesnt do the internet so it would be hard copy she got it from . She really is a horrible human being and would think nothing about hurting animals , hurting children never bothered her back in the day . Anyway she went off on a whole shes had her injection now everybody else can die rant  and eventually i lost it and told her to shut the F up , prompted by her slagging the neighbours who have been doing all her shopping and fetching and carrying for her . It just turned into one of those days when i wish i was adopted so i hung up. Back to not speaking again i think for a while , daughter can deal with granny for a week or two


  1. Just for clarity Kate has never been a conspiratory theorist. Mean queen picked up on something that suited her agenda. My blood boiled as what she is spouting may actually kill even 1 person who follows her conspiracy theories from sacked doctors. Yep a truck driver trying to give health advice. I hope whatever no one listened to that shit.x

    1. We will be eternally grateful to people like you. Thank you for everything you are doing. X

  2. Kirrie, stay safe out there! I thank all providers for how hard they work to save us from ourselves.

  3. Yes we made it, might be boring but we are still alive.
    (Could we call 99+1 - like people who pretend they are only 21 again!)

  4. ah yes the shut the F up conversation, I had one or two of those with family over the years and never heard much from them again, then did another one with best friend and haven't heard from her for for 6 months now, but I would rather say what I think than listen to twaddle and pretend I agree :)