Friday 3 April 2015

Never Say What You Think

You know  that  think before you open your mouth speech you give to the kids , the one my mother never had ever ?  Well I had a moment the other day when i told Mr Bah Humbug exactly what i thought and now i feel like dirt, the lowest of the low .
What occasioned this awful moment you may ask , we got up the other morning me, the 3 who were off to work and the munchkin , im pottering around doing morning chores and the youngest is snoring on an airbed in the living room , this is Mr Bah Humbugs special needs son ADHD aspergers and autism
 . Then i hear the boys laughing and sniggering , Young Baldrick had fallen asleep with his nose in his dads ipad they were taking pics and texting them to their dad , they dash out of the door and leave me to deal with the mess .
Now hes been here for 2 weeks and its been a living hell , insolent , surly , falling asleep all day long , picking on the munchkin , his dad picking on him , moaning and gripping that theres nothing to eat that he wants , that hes expected to pick up after himself , actually clean up after hes tiddled all over the seat and floor yet again etc etc etc .
Also theres the fact that we are living on £68 a week  plus the charity of the kids at the moment , im having to scratch cook 3 times a day , the fact that he turned up here with 3 dustbin bags of mucky washing and his mother sent him with a food parcel "because we eat weird" I dont call what he was sent with food !! a treat now and again more like .

I must admit ive been festering well for over a week , moaning he has no money to buy "bacca" was the final straw , I dont approve of the kids smoking even if they are adults, they really do go to the unused bus shelter in all weathers if they wish to indulge .  I did point out that we buy food not fags for wastrels!!!
 his reply mum doesnt let me have any of my money , i get dla attendance and disability and she gives me nothing .
Now I can understand why not , because he isnt capable of dealing with money at all , but the fact that on top of this we are also having maintenance stopped for him and  we have no idea how long hes here for because his mothers not answering her phone , just did it .
So this time instead of keeping the peace , i let his dad give him both barrels . After an hour and a half I gathered up the munchkin from under his bed and left the building . When i got home at teatime they were sat there in surly silence glaring at each other . He has been staying up all night on his dads ipad after we had all gone to bed , the biggest mistake was leaving his viewing history on for his dad to see . his conversations everything!  I gather there wasnt a member of the family he hadnt been slagging including me , he didnt like his dad telling me this and went slamming out of the house . When he eventually he came home crying and wailing about how awful it is here and how horrible we all are to him , he says its because he doesnt like seeing his dad ill and a 101 other excuses .
his dad sent him out and said "what do you think?" And I told him
So now I feel like utter slime .
But the biggest truth is that I can sympathise with his mother 100%

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