Monday 30 March 2015

Never Stop on a Monday

Just a quick wander in , I feel as if this day has never stopped , endless domestic servitude kind of day .Even Mr Bah Humbug and Baldrick have tried to be of some use and failed hilariously . Highlights of the day this conversation.
Wheres the wheel off the hoover ?
Wherever you put it its been snapped off since xmas!!
We need a new hoover
Sell a kidney then..............silence
just sometimes I wish you could have your partner adopted when they annoy you , he then anounced he was going to wash up , if  i didnt mind half of it
Big pile of strange loaded into the ebay shop    it looks like im trying to socialise the world, not my usual fair at all and theres no others on line to compare them with , I know the miners strike always sells , so ive a few watchers already . There was even a few comics and film and tv bits among the political stuff so ive popped them on , but i will admit ive chucked tons into the recycling bin
I have secreted one magazine away just because i loved the cover, i'd quite like it framed but Mr Bah Humbug threatened to burn the house down if i did , Thatcher the Marmite of politics

So its magic tea out of the cauldron then start wading through the 7 boxes of bedding from the auction 2 weeks ago , some will be labelled and sorted for car boot ,some will be ebayed, some will be parceled out to the relatives and some will go to the ragman... a womans work is never done

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