Thursday 26 March 2015

Benefits Land

Things have gone down hill so fast in the the depressing world of benefit scroungers this week that im not sure how to start .  Mr Bah Humbug has two  medicals in the next couple of weeks , this has sent him spiraling back into la la land , they will be requesting medical reports from his GP , his GP walked out last week , there is now no one at the practice that he has met except for the junior doctor who he ate for breakfast , so this is going to go really well .
Went to pick up  his prescriptions , we do not qualify for free prescriptions so we have to space them to one a week , we cant afford the money for a pre paid prescription card due to me not being paid correctly yet again!!
Sorry you must order his pills monthly as one lot

We cant currently afford to do this

That isnt our problem .

Where are the other tablets ?

We cant perscribe those

Why not ?

They arent on the company list ,theyre too expensive,  he needs to book a medication review

Could we see a GP ?

Theres no none urgent appointments for 4 weeks

Could I just ask a questions. what happens when someone suddenly stops taking anti psychotic medication?

AHHHH . I will just ask a GP

Dr Junior Dimwit appears from his lair.

We cant prescribed  these , only the hospital can prescribe these .

They were originally prescribed by the hospital .

Ah, your partner has been discharged from the hospital , we dont prescribe these

They were prescribed because they cant operate , he has to wait 6 months for the pain clinic , what will happen if he stops taking them suddenly, he isnt just on them for pain relief .

MMMM..I will go and look at his notes ...scuttles back into his lair

I will prescribe them now , but he needs to book a medication review AAARRRGGGHHH.

Our GPs has become the land of the useless , we have lost 5 GPs in the space of 6 months
What happens from here who knows , i feel as if im existing in a different universe these days

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