Tuesday 10 March 2015

Another Thrilling Instalment

Well I wish I could show you my exciting week...lol  ...But there hasnt been much excitement. Ive had my nurses uniform on all week as Mr Bah Humbug  had a carpel tunnel op last week and hes been suitably pathetic and helpless in that way only a bloke can be .  A bit of a minor nip and tuck in his scale of treatment and he gets his stitches out today .

So then i can have my thrilling exciting crafting and thrifting life back..sort of , lack of funds is really cramping my style at the moment we seem to be lurching from one payment in to a zero balance on a daily balance and im sick of explaining that we cant get any help from anywhere so they will just have to wait for the bills . Sorry it aint magic no matter how many times you ring the situation isnt changing anytime soon . We are paying bits here and there but dont owe enough to go on a Debt Relief order or IVA . The whole of this months pay has had to go on Council Tax before they got us into court , most of this is charges , which really sickens me , talk about kicking you when youre down .
But the cupboards are reasonably full still, we wont starve , they wont evict us because theyre next on the list for payment and i will continue muddling along .
But its a bit bad when the highlight of the week is a 50p pair of shoes from the Jumble Sale , ugly but unworn what more could i ask for and they are very comfortable.  For those who think they will catch some terrible ailment the worse you can get is atheletes foot , they sell the powder in the £1 shop , so just dose the used shoes and put in a plastic bag for a couple of days

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