Sunday 22 March 2015

The First Sunday of Spring

Greetings , Ive been out soaking up the rays today , well the first rays i hope, spent the day babysitting munchkin plus two spares , so basically a whole day tied to the kitchen sink , theres been that many bodies ive been serving meals in sittings, not much help on the washing up front im afraid theres another mountain in the sink now that im hoping someone else might do .
Mr Bah Humbug has spent the day torturing his Baldrick , I actually caught him making him clean vehicles with a toothbrush !!! The kids meanwhile were digging a hole , something ive found kills hours with small children plus involves lots of mud  you can craftily seed the hole with a few dodgy foreign coins you have kicking about and they think theyre time team .
Ive had to sell a treasure because of the cash flow problem , First World War Frister  & Rossmann sewing machine sold in a couple of days, now i have the packing and posting challenge , should be manageable by courier.

Yesterday because it was freezing and in an effort to butter me up for todays babysitting , my daughter dragged me to the auction , we were very restrained mainly because we had the munchkin and her tiny car . they were actually selling wardrobes with the clothes still in them , a washer with the washing still in it and mountains of curtains with the hooks still in .  I know i shouldnt have but i purchased a household linen mountain for a whole £4 , we have gained 6  new towels  , brand new oven gloves and sheets , the other dozen bags will do for the car boot sale once it warms up . One weird lot that we had no idea what it was for £2 it turned out to be a box of umbrellas , tons of dog leads and a load of enamelware ? car boot methinks .
My daughter wins the award for weird purchase of the year so far , I did say take a look at the weird war magazines , next thing shes bought 3 boxes for £2 the lot , turned out its tons of weird Marxist and Communist literature , never take a politics graduate to an auction!! Ive being researching them on ebay and the weirder and more extreme the better they sell , some of it is quite interesting reading .

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