Saturday 28 March 2015

Frugal Weekend

Ah the joys of being  Im now getting to the weird and wonderful part of the poverty menu , currently ive a pair of pigs trotters defrosting in a hidden place so nobody realises what they are eating , im hoping to do something Chinese tomorrow with some of the meat, once ive cooked them to death in the slow cooker overnight, then maybe a variety of Brawn with the liquid and whatever meat and skin is left .   . Ive concocted a weird trifle type effort with Victoria plums from the freezer , the biscotti in the base are 2 years out of date, they had fallen down the back of the
I wont starve but Mr Bah Humbug and Baldrick are going to be whinging for England all through Easter , guess what I dont care its time they got a reality check on the financial state of affairs in the House of Nettle Knickers .
Still in the storecupboard
At least 2 kilos of rice
3 kilos of couscous
umpteen packs of noodles ,
several bags of flour for bread and baking
cooking oil tons of herbs and spices
2 kilos of pasta
enough casserole mixes and cup a soup to feed an army
This weeks grocery list came to £7.26 spent at the tin factory , bargain of the week 2.5kg tins of debranded rice pudding 50p  . The mint cordial for the munchkin is slightly out of date but he loves it 10p a bottle , lasagne sheets 40p ,all jams are 60p and theyre not cheap makes , 5 packets of casserole mix for Spanish chicken 30p , £2.40 for 24 tins of beans , plus the usual odd tins to try that Mr Bah Humbug likes , usually weird soups always 25p and under .


the real challenge is the dozens of sachets of coconut milk i found squirreled away in the back of the cupboard  not quite sure what I can make with that ? 
Suggestions other than curry anyone? 

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