Sunday 18 December 2022

This is the End

The Last Post as i sign off for xmas 

Someone Robin Hooded Iceland overnight yesterday and im sure there will be more of these incidents this week, society seems to be going downhill at a rapid rate . Ive seen folks shoplifting much more this year  . We have heat and light still , but im still ignoring the whole event where possible , plenty of food in the cupboards the only extra is a cheese pack . Though im storing daughter and sons turkeys things . Sons freezer packed up and daughters is rammed full . Sons baby is due to be started off the day after Boxing Day , the hospital is only booking slots for the days they have enough midwifes for so you have them when they tell you these days .

In the world of Grinch ive had 2 xmas cards this year , one i have no idea who its from . A friend bought me a cheese advent calendar much appreciated but now i feel guilty because i cant afford to buy her a gift . every spare penny is having to be saved for fuel to get son to his girlfriends for the baby , theres no public transport available and they are more than skint despite working . im hoping to get them electric for xmas .

Mother Dearest is fading slowly shes over the flu but has yet another infection , you still take a week to get any news but things have been relaxed so that you dont have to book appointments to visit and they are allowed to ring you if they are well enough . Somebody put in an official complaint it would seem , nothing to do with me but i think my daughter may have had something to do with it .

So enjoy your xmas whatever you may have planned , i will be warm and well fed at daughters subject to grandson giving us his raging cold