Monday 12 December 2022

Jingle Bells

 well its very xmasy outside heaps of ice and freezing fog so im debating making plum loaf in the microwave , ive got some ancient eggs and last years dried fruit , nothing that a bit of tea and a splash wont rehydrate , always a good experiment . its surprising but im still drying washing outside when the fog lifts , just have to remember to turn it , mainly because it doesnt dry in a house with a mould problem . couldnt afford to own a tumble drier anyway . On that subject its a kindness if your neighbours have kids and you can afford it to offer to dry school uniform in your tumble if you see it hanging in the fog .

As far as we are aware mother is still alive in Jurassic Park , nobody answers the phone which i can understand as they all have flu, mother included , so theres no visitors allowed . My cousin says they are training attendants for the ward in the event of strike action , if mothers feeling perky im sure she will love administering bed baths to everyone in memory of her nursing days 

im my usual xmas Grinch im afraid ive done dozens of the thousands of xmas competitions on offer , mainly gardening and craft stuff , theres never clothes of a decent size and im afraid beauty products long passed me by . i did find one for DMS so you never know ? So far ive won a Guinness Christmas jumper , i usually win 3 things so im waiting patiently . 


  1. Good luck with those competitions I'm rooting for you, Briony

  2. Hope you are managing to keep warm x