Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Week of Negative

Thought our good luck wouldnt last for long . Sadly we lost our Ginger furbaby to a car on Saturday , 9 years of furry pleasure gone in a second , hes been such a big part of everybodys life for so long now , the munchkin is sure he is going to rise on Easter Sunday . Mr says thats it no more , the garden is a furry abbatoir we have buried 4 in 10 years , we live on a quiet country lane but cats have no road sense . I just cant stand the silence , he was very in your face . I cant stand not having a single cuddle from anyone , in fact its driving me mad .
Then I got the stomach bug from hell , so now im wandering round like a drained corpse from hell , tons of work I just cant do, and a Bank Holiday coming up, with no funds and a house move for Young Baldrick who has been given a council flat , with a £150 grant to furnish it , a challenge im not feeling  the whole family is giving bits and bobs but will he care ? well hes taking his medication regularly so he seems much more with it , the big question is whether he will keep taking it once hes loose in the community. He will continue to get a bit of support with maintaining his tenancy , but its whether he can manage to keep away from the drugs once hes on is own , or if he is going to get back in with the same crowd as last time only time will tell


  1. I'm so sorry. You must be devastated. A home doesn't feel right without a cat.
    Feel better soon. x

  2. So sorry about the puss cat. We've been lucky over the last 20+ years - never lost one by traffic.
    And also about you being with a yuck bug get well soon.
    When I read about YB being in his own flat I though Oh Heck. But fingers crossed This time it works.

  3. I am so sorry about your cat. Very upsetting for you.
    Hope your nasty bug is on it's way out soon and that things settle now on the Young Baldrick front.
    You deserve some peace-x-

  4. So sorry to hear about cat, every home should have a cat, or three. Hope you recover soon.

  5. Sorry about your kitty-cat! I never ever let my kitty out (she passed from kidney disease), I had her front paws only declawed and had her fixed and I never let her outside. She was strictly a house cat only. She only weighed 8 lbs at her biggest and I just didn't trust the other critters outside. Maybe if you keep them strictly inside you could try again another time? Oh, that nasty bug is sure going around! Get better soon!

  6. So very sorry about your beloved cat.
    I never let mine out either since I moved back to 'civilisation', i.e. a modern housing estate. I lived in the heart of the country and my cats have no road sense at all, the only thing they are used to is the odd passing tractor. I live on a main road and I know they wouldn't last 5 minutes out there. They have access to a cattery through a catflap in the conservatory, so can hop in and out when they feel like it.
    I hope you feel better soon, I know only too well the pain of losing a pet. I had to say goodbye to two on the same day last year due to illness.
    Sending hugs (((hugs)))

  7. So sorry about your cat. They are definitely family members, and so hard to lose them and their love and affection. Yuck, beat that flu bug and feel better soon.

  8. So sorry about your cat. And I hope you are recovering and feeling much better soon.

  9. So sorry about your kitty. We have 2 cats that stay indoors for that very reason. We once had a cat who disappeared for several days and finally dragged herself home with a broken leg and internal injuries. We don't know for sure but suspect a car accident so when we got our latest 2 babies we decided they'd be indoor cats. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love, Helen xx

  10. Just had to pop by having seen your comment on the FAST blog - with a big hug, so sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Wren x