Monday 1 May 2017

Bank Holiday

Well this has been exciting , do you ever get one of those days when you want to slaughter the rest of the world ? Once upon a time I had my hormones to blame now theyve dried up I think its just me
The plan was to get up and do ebay all day , ive mountains of stock kicking around in here and id quite like to see the floor . But nothing is that easy these days we seem to have a charger  thief in this house not sure who but i will hunt them down and kill them , took hours to get a wire to charge the camera .
Then theres the fact that my little finger is off on a mission of its own and its constantly catching the caps lock , it does this from time to time just to annoy me , ive tried taping it down but then my hand twists so i cant type properly , I look like a Victorian Dowager waiting for her cuppa tea .
Mr Bah Humbug is driving me mad as well , everytime i start anything theres a compelling reason he needs me, plus hes on a ,everything i say is wrong mission and hes feeling the urge to constantly correct me ,I know hes in pain but hes behaving like a total twat and now hes finally nodded off on the sofa I thought i will sit down and do a load of ebay listings. in fact ive managed to list 3 lots of wool because ebay doesnt like my photos or the brands or the bleedin EAN no , still clueless what that actually is but someone on the ebay forum said to just type in, does not apply , it worked!!
On the plus side ive managed a cat jumble sale on Saturday up the Birchwood , got all the curtains for Young Baldricks flat for a whole £3 then found out the price of curtain track is bleedin scary, so playing hunt the cheap curtain track at the moment . Moving day is Tuesday for him , still hasnt got a bed but hes got a sofa and a duvet so he will have to manage and hes also got a lot of noodles till his cheap cooker arrives .
The jumble sale also yielded next winters wardrobe for me , love it when unseasonal shopping is so cheap , got this little gem as well , Peace plate from 1918 complete with HMS iron duke and a bit of retro Wedgewood . Sneaked out to the car boot yesterday and all i came back with was a big xmas cactus and a couple of Lavender plants , lots of snide remarks about can we eat them !!


  1. I am so sorry for having a bit of a giggle Kate but I was wondering if they'll put us in the same cell.....I am in murdering mode today too with a husband behaving in a similar manner-x-

  2. That makes three of us then, Captain Hot Stuff is in a similar mood at the moment, complaining that I'm not emptying the house fast enough but complaining if I give stuff away as he thinks I should be selling the stuff.

  3. Wow-must be grumpy man day! Don't think I need to say anymore!! Catriona

  4. It must be the change of air I am happy to report no grumpy man here. I was shocked at the price of curtain poles too.

  5. Old fashioned curtain wire? Ask on local FB groups or forums for anyone throwing out curtain poles or tracks. good luck!

  6. Hey missus, if you come across any peace cups can you give me a holler? Pop in law collects them & it'd get me Brownie points, lol