Wednesday 24 May 2017

General Election Broadcast No 4

Last week I was listening to a group of Police Officers gossiping , they were laughing at the fact that they are going to magic up an extra 10 000 police , cant even remember which party came up with this one . As one of them pointed out " They cant even recruit enough to keep the numbers up now , the pensions are shocking , the job stinks and everybody with any sense is leaving .
Then theres my mother ...AAARRRGGGHHH ...I already know shes a genetic Tory voter , if they said they were going to gas all benefit claimants and throw all the immigrants off the White Cliffs of Dover, they still wouldnt be hardcore enough for her . 83 and hates

You know that scruffy little shite Corbyn .


He used to be in the IRA

No he didnt mother

I bet he supports the Muslims

Hes a pacifist mother , he supports everyone .

As you may have guessed , she was trying to get me to hang up and i wasnt taking the bait

Its all the scroungers dragging this country down , the bad back brigade they all want putting down , they should sterilize all the unemployed , just breeding more scroungers etc etc etc on and on and on .

So I just pointed out that ,once Mrs May had forced her to get an equity loan on her home and robbed her of everything but 100k  , she would still be in a care home ...its been very quiet since


  1. Wish they had brought in that rule 5 years ago then I would have had an inheritance. My mother had to sell her house and only got full support when she was down to the last £23K and even then we had to supply toiletries, clothes and bits and pieces as they were taking 100% of her pension as well.

    1. Im sure there are many people who dont realise that happens , unless theyve had a family member with the problem .
      My big worry is that the equity scheme isnt for the benefit of the pensioners involved , its just yet another money making scam from some tory party funder , or going to be run by another American Company who run at a loss for a couple of years to see off any competition then provide a truly crap service . Plus what happens if theres a property crash ?