Saturday 20 May 2017

A Week of Ordinary

What can I say , to much work none of it very profitable , my continuing problems with ebay ?
Nope its 3 jumble sale Saturday not quite shore how i will achieve this bountiful feast but im going to
12.00 Cherry Willingham village hall
1.00  Dunholme Village Hall
1.30 Minting Village Hall

plus a table top sale at Metheringham 9am  that i should be rushing to , but ive just got out of the shower and im not moving fast this
Plus theres a Cream Tea and table Top in Timberland Village Hall  thats hardly been advertised at 2.00 that sounds good to me on the way home if i havent spent up

So this is the quick guide to what you do in rural lincolnshire on a Saturday , really i should be stuck at home doing endless chores for this thankless bunch...sod um!!!!!


  1. Can't wait to see what you find.Enjoy#

  2. 3 Jumble sales in one day is quite a treat. I'd be pleased with just one but they are as rare as hens teeth in Suffolk now.
    Hope you find treasure

  3. Jumble sales seem to have disappeared from this part of leafy Surrey. Car boots are the next best thing now.

  4. You lucky thing, have not been to a jumble sale in years, they seem to have vanished in this part of the country. Look forward to reading what bargains you found.

  5. until a couple of years ago we just had car boot sales , now jumble sales are booming again , they are often not well advertised so it can be a bit of a challenge finding them , the internet is ever useful . it usually involves searching for the actual date and jumble sale along with the name of local towns