Friday, 12 March 2021

Plague 105

Im very lax on the blog front at the moment , just not enough hours in the day im afraid , plus its freezing in here now the heatings on its one hour a day ration again , the luxury of nearly a month of 2 hours a day was almost to hot to handle at least it was for my other half,  im blue and shaking and hes there with his shirt off moaning hes sweating to death , he just says you need to move more and moan less . He really has got a   But the simple fact is that mouldy towers is just not a warm house , its a 50s prefab wooden with 3 inch thick walls its much better than it used to be, now we have double glazing and the new boiler , but warm it isnt . Its frequently warmer outside so ive got on with the first of the garden jobs , mainly all the chopping back of bushes etc .

On the Covid front im being harassed by the vile receptionist from our GPs , had yet another spat with her the other day , she rang me to inform me that i should attend for my jab on Mothering Sunday as if this ws my treat for the day , i told her no thankyou and she went off on a whole rant about being inconsiderate to other people , when i could get a word in edgeways i informed her i was waiting for my other half to his second jab because i am his full time carer and who looks after him if it makes him even worse than the first did . I also told her i would like to speak to the GP not her as i have immune problems and other complicated medical reasons why it may be a very bad idea . Then she started to lose it . I got the whole people are dying because of selfish conspiracy theorists like me , she was on speaker phone and my other half was holding a cushion over his face to stiffle the laughing .  So i just pointed out that being as she wasnt a medical professional it must be very hard for her to understand my medical records , she hung up . Other half says hes not sure how i always stay so calm . Im not going to be bullied by the Witch in the Window its as simple as that , if she wants to be twatish with me shes picked the wrong person i will eat her for breakfast 


  1. could have the jab in the same way all us other carers have done ? ( I could list my own ailments/immune deficiencies but why bother ) You would be a whole lot happier if you realised the world does not revolve around you and most actual carers have rather more challenging roles than yourself.

    BTW, I think its fair to say that your phone call has caused much merriment and shaking of heads at your constant mindless "shan't/can't/won't " make me . Perhaps give up on the NHS forever and go find yourself a private doctor who will listen to your drivel.


    1. Deborah is kind of an ass.
      Keep your chin up Kate and don’t let anyone else decide what’s best for you.
      Patti from California

  2. Or Deborah could have read your post properly and noted your concerns about your immune problems rather than Bridlington aside. Is Deborah a medical professional?

    Keep buggering on Kate.

  3. Replies
    1. Freudian Slip? do we both wwish we were in Bridlington ?

  4. At least Anon put a name to their drivel. Kate, you made me chuckle. Your body, your choice.

  5. Kate, I salute you...I really don't know whether to laugh or cry at your blog posts...but seriously hang in there're a tough nut and can do it! x

  6. The Doctor shouldn't have someone working at the practice who is so rude to the patients-its not very professional.Perhaps you could make a formal complaint to the Practice manager.She would have hated it that you didn't rise to the bait-she wanted a reaction-good on you Kate.My house is really cold most of the day too and this year mould specks on the walls x

  7. My goodness receptionists who give rude, forceful opinion, Deborah who opinionates without knowing your medical history (or does she work at the surgery perhaps?) it gets better every time I stop by! have a great Mothers Day :)

  8. If you do “ eat the receptionist for breakfast” may I send you some savory accompaniments? Or marmalade?
    I understand your reticence. DH and I are getting our jabs two weeks apart from each other. I fully expect him to have “ problems”. My first was a breeze but you never know.