Friday 19 March 2021

Plague 106

 So im back....just so busy with other half and trying to kick the GPs into some form of activity , he now has referrals for 3 different departments , they have finally admitted he doesnt need a camera shoving any ware for a while , that he isnt an alcoholic  and that being fat doesnt cause anemia  . Its like wading through treacle and we have finally managed to speak to the actual doctor , the one who actually knows who he is and is able to read his notes . His iron levels are now so low that hes awaiting some sort of transfusion , so hes sleeping a lot , which isnt such a bad thing . There off to do the little procedure on his nose to stop the nosebleeds that arent helping matters . They have even said that in normal times he would have been admitted last year . They cant give a timescale on any of this . The GPs also admit we were missed from the vulnerable register , hence everybodys sudden interest now they have realised that bugger all has been done for him for over a year , best concession he can now can get his Covid tests sent out to him , we have trailed out 13 times in the last two months  The same thing has happened to my mother , who if it wasnt for a neighbour adopting her would have had no help at all . Her GPs assumed she was dead !!! till she rang them and dripped them with sarcasm about her jab.

Still waiting for a bit of warm weather gardening season is tapping its foot and waiting patiently  


  1. Hopefully all this will start to make things a bit better for both of you.
    Coincidentally, my elderly neighbour (80's) was taken into hospital for a blood transfusion due to severe anemia. He was having some problems with his legs so the super took him in for tests. We were quite surprised to hear the results as a number of us have been feeding him throughout the past year and he has a good appetite so a lack of iron in his food shouldn't be the issue.
    Unlike your situation - once we got him to the doctor everything fell into place - nurse for a home visit - PSW twice a week for bathing, and "Meals on Wheels". I should point out that he is the one who had been refusing these services all along. We are hoping that they figure out the issue and that he'll be able to come home now that there is extra help available.
    I hope that things get sorted for your husband quickly and that you aren't forgotten about again!

  2. How sad that a whole year has been spent wading through all this red tape and only now is your poor partner on the vulnerable list and getting the help he needs - I hope they fast track him - not only for his needs but for yours too, I admire your determination.

  3. Him upstairs has rheumatoid arthritis and has regular blood tests-a while ago I think it was the nurse who rang him very cornerned and apparently his liver levels were very high and she was quite concerned asking had he been drinking a lot of alcohol(he hardly ever does)At the next test they were more normal.I phoned the local doctors once as I was concerned that the hospital prescribed medication and the doctors tablets may not be working well together.Very soon after they called me back and sounded worried and he had to go in for a review-they told me they weren't aware of the hospital tablets x