Friday 26 March 2021

Plague God Knows How Many

 Well its been over a year since they locked us up and nothing much has changed other than the fact himself wants me to order more garden chairs ready for all his visitors ...mmm, next door is busy scrubbing the patio for the first pissed up parties of the season .  Me? i just need the grandson for the heavier garden jobs , managed to cripple myself doing the first lawn mow of the year and that was just the one lawn , spring having officially sprung im a tad busy . We start another cycle of tests and hospital next week for himself .

So out in the real world a broken down tanker looks to have buggered up the whole world , dont think anyone could have thought this one up . Anyway if your waiting for a wish parcel it may be a while . Old Boris is looking a bit rough even by his standards these days . Maybe Carrie is making her wedding plans ?  Bridezilla at her best . Not sure whos funding it . Israel ? Russia? Saudi ?  woe betide the scroungers at Number 10 pay for anything themselves.  It was pointed out that one of the effects of Long Covid is needing the little blue pills for men . So that might explain the woeful condition of Boris ? You do begin to wonder which of the many scandals surrounding the Tory Party will bring Boris and friends down , theyre currently at the nothing to see here stage , denial of everything , media model . I suspect the great betrayal may come from within , the Tories are well known backstabbers and if i had to make a guess Madam Patel would be the main suspect  she wants the top job so badly .  With no opposition ,watching the Tory Reich implode and rebirth  on a regular basis  may be thre only political fun we get 

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