Friday, 18 June 2021

Drippady Doo Dah

 Another 3am wake up , despite earplugs and blackout curtains im still awake at the first crack of dawn . id acheived a freezer defrost and my second cuppa by 6 .  Read all the wonderful factual internet content i could find . it was a tad drizzly when i got up but now it bucketing it down . Ive a cat doing laps because shes convinced that one of the windows or doors has an alternate dimension with sunshine and mice . I had planned to pop the leeks in today but unless it brightens up thats a none starter along with loads of other garden chores i had lined up . I will still venture down for some strawberries before the slugs beat me to them . So now i have to find something to kill the rest of the rainy weather with ...ho hum household chores i suppose , the most despised chores on the planet ...ive a shower room needs scrubbing out and a washing yurt to put away , lifes so exciting these 


  1. It's pouring here as well - but - I had to go into my office today so as good a day as any for that chore since a nice walk or a drive was not in the cards. Hope it dries up a bit for you so you can get back to the garden.

  2. I have a cat that does that - she did a lap earlier this week that involved swiping my ankle as she went and drawing blood. They do seem to think that when we open the door for them we flick a switch for sunshine.We have monsoon standards here. Lucky you - strawberries wouldn't last long here with the slug population - they are currently queueing up to come in on my front doorstep! they always do that in large groups when it rains.

    1. our little cat brings me snails its endless on days like this