Sunday, 6 June 2021


 So i had a heavy days gardening planned yesterday but Mr BH had other plans for us .  Now he has a nosebleed problem always has had , his dad had it his grandad has it the sons have it , its just one blood vessel , his nosebleeds are epic and legendary with no warning far worse than the rest of the family . So id plopped him in the bathroom yesterday morning for his ablutions and pop goes his nose , annoying but nothing unusual , hes quite content to sit there with a jug and a towel and deal with it , then shout me when he needs me . Only he didnt shout for an hour , when i went to him hed lost over a pint but it was steadying down another half an hour and he was down for breakfast and a cuppa . gets to 11.00 and his nose pops again , hes in the bathroom and im getting a tad worried hes filled another jug that hes trying to hide . So i tell him im ringing 111 and he goes mad because he can deal with it , hes very grey and sweating and with a view to his heart problems he needed to see someone . Ring 111 theyre sending paremedics if he gets worse just dial 999 , being very rural they were a while by this time its gushing and were into pint number 3 . ive managed to get him out of the bathroom and on to the bed because he says he doesnt feel well and it has to be bad for him to admit this . The paramedics turn up and an ambulance and he flakes out . I have to say their very efficient and got him hooked up and stuff going into him etc , his blood pressure is through the floor and theyre having a risk assessment deciding whether they need the fire brigade to get him down the stairs but he perked up once the fluids started going in and he managed to get down the stairs and be stretchered out . The whole street is out doing something in the garden by then and hes shouting across to his mate telling him not to panic fishings still on for Monday , as they cart him off into the sunset . Bloody men , nothing but a worry, i had to fetch him home late last night  hes a bit quiet they cant repair the blood vessel again, he needs more minor surgery they just filled him full of fluids and monitored his heart and have told him just ring 999 if it starts again ...guess what he isnt driving and hes not going fishing whether he likes it or not !!!

Best laugh he says is the junior doctor who asked him about his cocaine habit and would he like to be referred to the drug treatment center .


  1. OMG - it's never a dull moment for you! How frightening - you did the right thing, whether he liked it or not.
    I hope things settle down so he can go fishing soon and you get a day of peace!

  2. Replies
    1. the paramedic was horrified at us joking when he was so poorly .

  3. Interesting my 3 son's had similar nose problems when young but grew out of it. My brother was worse than any of them, but as adult was told it was lack of iron. It is distressing when it happens for those looking and I sympathize with you!

    1. thats the one, lack of iron hes currently on monthly transfusions

  4. I hope you are Ok as the stress of it all can't be good for you either-Try and escape outside for a while if you can alone x