Monday 14 June 2021


So in my role as trip advisor on the regions hospitals off we toddled to Louth  yesterday , ermm on a plus point the carpark has been resurfaced and the parkings currently free .  Id deposited Mr Bah Humbug  on a chair near the door , even getting in the building had been fun , he was on his crutches . im so glad he wasnt on his wheels because the ramp going down into the building was so steep he would have gone straight down it in through the automatic door and the toilet and demolished reception like a giant bowling ball !!  I went to the desk and booked him in and explained that he is on the fall register as the woman looked at me gone out .  We have been told that our hospital group has a fall protocol now , in fact hes flagged up on their systems he was redlined just last week at Emergency no problems . She then launched in to the whole Covid speech could i please leave the building etc , i pointed out he would need a wheelchair and a porter to get into the building and abandoned him .  So im sat in the carpark in the sunshine nattering to another woman whos just abandoned her elderly mother with dementia at reception as well , she pointed out that she had parked near the door so she could keep an eye on it because mother is a wanderer and fast on her feet . Two hours later im still sat there and theres only half a dozen cars left in the carpark . So i texted him and just got a load of abuse , so i gathered it was going well . I finally got the phonecall to pick him up and managed to get the car to the top of the ramp . He emerges on his crutches , staggering and swaying and manages to get up the bleedin ramp and into the car at which point his head exploded .  He does a good rant and was calling me allsorts as passers by swivel their heads in astonishment and i just wait for him to run out of breath , it happens much faster these days and the ramp had nearly killed him .  Best line was that the staff are incompetent sexist bastards.  I did eventually get the whole story out of him .  It seems the receptionist didnt press enter when i booked him in . He couldnt get up being wedged in a small plastic chair .and because hes a bloke theyd parked him right in front of the large screen telly with football on . He hates football with a vengence so after 2 hours of it his head exploded , hed ended up having to shout down the waiting area asking what the hold up was . Turns out hed been marked as a no show at the clinic and the doctor was just packing up to go home , their were no available wheelchairs as they were all in use . The big sign saying there would be a two hour wait didnt apply to his clinic . So it was all his fault for not asking sooner .  His 2 minute appointment consisted off the doctor telling him that he doesnt see anything wrong on his scans and ordering more scans .  Im so glad his brother has taken him fishing today as hes still ranting on 


  1. I know how horrible it is to be shouted at when it's not your fault but the sheer bloody incompetence and lack of care is appalling from the hospital staff.

  2. im not a person who argues or raises their voice and people just dont get that hes not quite 100% in the brain department , he gets so frustrated by trivialities.

  3. You’ve the patience of a saint. It’s obvious he does not realize how lucky he is to have you!