Friday, 4 June 2021


 Have we all escaped to the garden ?  the blogging world is very quiet at the moment except for those of you on the opposite side of the world slipping into winter . Meanwhile ive dropped into the world of fishing and gardening . The veg is very late this year but thriving and ive had a couple of days of grandson on garden slave duties and despite there being snow on the ground when the plum was blossoming its looking like a bumper year . Outside in the real world im not sure im noticing  much difference to our lives from the Covid restrictions . We dont holiday we dont go to cafes or pubs in fact we can pretty much not go anywhere due to his dire walking and breathlessness . MR BH starts another round of hospital visits in a fortnight so hes trying to cram as much fishing in as he can so its fish one day, two days zonked on painkillers life at the moment plus BIL had a bit of bad news health wise so ive now got two of them planning their funerals , I expect they are both being a tad  over the top just yet . Its just wait and see time. I expect they will both fall into the latest government wheeze buzz phrase "managed decline "  which i think is government speak for hurry up and die before you get your pension !  or if you love them as much as i do translates to Die Pleb Die . I have just posted off 600 pages plus of medical records and supporting letters and forms to the cold planes of Hell known as the DWP , we await with interest which of their many ploys for losing it they will go for .  The usual its gone to the wrong department , this one had two different addresses to pick from to send it back to , you always pick the wrong one .  We also usually get we havent received it letters at which point they get a huff on because you have proof of postage and tracking information and announce  they will look for it , usually takes 2 weeks to find it . plus ive cunningly indexed it all stamped his National insurance onto every sheet and stuck pretty coloured tiny post it notes into the juicy bits . You never know i could be wrong they may just continue to pay him his state pittance without problems , but i cant see there has been any improvement in their behavior over the last year , theyre still killing the disabled on a regular basis.  You know lessons learned and the usual bullshit speeches it goes on and on .


  1. Steve is receiving threatening letters regarding his ESA payments. They will be withdrawn unless he supplies eleventy billion copies of his sick notes.
    He's not receiving any payments!!

    1. we had this one for years despite working since he was 15 , come the day he needed help he got bog all for 5 years and it had to go to tribunal to get that .