Thursday 27 April 2023


 So im lax blogging yet again , problems with mother dearest , problems with hospitals and himself and the bleedin mice ate the second lot of broadbeans i put in .

I really feel life is just one endless chore at the moment , you go shopping and theres nothing you want or need , or its just to expensive . I went to Asda the other night and it was as if there had been locusts, there was just empty chillers and freezers , they had loads of bags of spinach with a yellow sticker that was visibly rotting in the bags ...ughh  im not sure if this is because they have just payed out the latest cost of living payment or just the end of the month , who knows but i think this month could be a problem child with three Bank Holidays  and gardens not contributing a whole lot . All i got from Asda was a few random bits and a load of wraps at 15p a packet so wraps now hve a drawer of their own in the freezer , There were hundreds of packs on yellow sticker, again very odd.

Mother managed to have another psychotic few days and injured herself , so everything moveable has had to be taken from her room the home rang me in the middle of the night and sent me photos of her injuries , its just scatches and a thick lip , pretty much what she used to do to herself when she was drinking . This now means that they have agreed to pay £120 a week towards her care costs and we have another meeting with the hoards and acronyms next week . Had a chat with Dave the nursing co ordinator and he said he hadnt realised we were estranged and didnt understand why i was fighting her corner . Simple she has been a monster all my life but that isnt my mother so why would i let them walk allover her?  she has sufficient money to pay for good quality care , i dont want her money . AAARRRRGGGHHH

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  1. It's really strange, it's like people just don't hear that you're estranged. They'd get it if you were talking about being divorced from your spouse, though.