Friday, 23 October 2020

Plague 76

 So ive never been more happy to see a patch of shingles hatch , at least i can be sure that the raging sore throat and chest pain is just the lovely illness i endlessly get , plus movement is coming back in my arm slowly , sarcastic son has had the bad throat its a mystery as he has been out the door twice since March ? rather worried about him at the moment hes had a lot of mental health difficulties in the past and hes very quiet and withdrawn of late , plus i noticed that his pills are now twice the strength when i picked up his prescription.                                                                                                                                                      Im cabbaging happily watching the local internet auctions , its amazing what rubbish you can get for under £10 , havent bought anything theres nothing i need , but you never know .  I would just like to be able to concentrate to read at the moment that is the annoying side of things . so watching online auctions is quite relaxing it certainly can be an eye opener when you see the second hand value of furniture and household goods .                                                                                                                                               Im suitably amazed at the government decision to not pay free school meals in the holidays , talk about a publicity gaffe of epic proportions , wouldnt be surprised to see a u turn on this one the amount of online grief they are getting . Dr Caroline Johnson our conservative MP voted with her herd as usual , bit much when shes a Consultant Pediatrician in the NHS does empathy die at the point you become a Tory, there even getting stick from their own members over this one  

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  1. Your side of the pond and ours seem determined to starve out the poor. There is a special,place in Hell for them.