Saturday, 17 October 2020

Plague 74

Still alive and still  ..just reduced to left hand typing and left hand mousing at the moment , the receptionist informs me theres nothing available for muscular skeletal problems at the moment , take painkillers and rest ...ho hum same with the blood tests , none urgent and none happening. so i have the winter grumps early this year . I should be out getting on with garden projects , lots to do out there , instead its Kindle and Netflix earlier than usual.                                                                                              Both cats are in disgrace , nextdoors food visitor Lily Cat caught a mouse in the kitchen as they stood and watched with total disinterest they have had their treats cut in retaliation and are sulking and planning to murder us in our sleep .                                                                                                                                      On a plus note Keith my ninety something year old Jehovah's Witness turned up bouncing around in the front garden waving , he was well masked up and wasnt knocking on doors hed come to ask my email address as hes now online , his grandkids have been teaching him computers online during lockdown . he was out for a drive and thought hed just pop by, .i think he may have escaped from his family as they generally dont let him drive                                                                                                                         Mummy Dearest is im afraid going batty , shes turned into a one woman covid vigilante and is informing on all sorts of imaginary sins with stern letters to the authorities , she also told me shes electrocuting cats that come into her garden ....can you buy tasers out of the Daily Mail back pages these days ?  Shes also taken against the man at the bottom of the road who owns a white van , hes a drug dealer you know ...really ? i thought he was a builder doing up the bungalow hed bought cheap , but hes stopping her spying on the folks at the bottom of the road with her binoculars so shes written to the police ...sometimes im glad i live on the other side of the country                                                                                                                              


  1. I do hope you get your B12 injection soon, it really doesn't seem fair that routine stuffs being held up. I know theres shortages of the reagent but they know you need the injection regularly. I had a little giggle at the thought of your mothers antics.

  2. I have been wondering how you were-still never a dull life for you it seems.Sorry that your having health problems but you seem to me to have a great attitude to cope with all life throws at you.Try and get a bit of time for yourself though x