Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Plague 72



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⚠️ due to national supply issues with the reagent used to process many of the blood tests at the pathology labs, all local practices have been instructed by the CCG to cease all affected routine tests with immediate effect. Only urgent tests will be carried out until further notice 🧪

You may be contacted and advised that an upcoming appointment is affected, for which we are extremely sorry, but the matter is beyond our control.

We have been given no indication as to how long these measures will be in place, and will update you as soon as we know more, so please be aware that our staff may not be able to provide the answers to the questions we are sure you may have.

Thank you for your understanding

So im fairly sure my B12 is through the floor , cramp everywhere , blurred vision , etc etc ...good old self medication is no longer working and i need a booster shot , cant get a booster shot because i need a blood test ....ffs ..this is permanent nerve damage we are talking about  . Spoke to the GPs yesterday , the doctor may ring me . Then this popped up sent by a nurse friend 


  1. Oh good grief - it's all got so stupid - but of course"the NHS is OPEN" - doesn't sound like it to me

  2. Keep making a fuss, I know I would. Covid has become an excuse for people not to do their job. Do you have a drop in centre you could attend?

  3. Could you possibly go toEmergency and force them to treat you?

    1. you cant go to A&E unless sent by 111 telephone a doctor system or by emergency ambulance

  4. You just couldn't make this up could you? I thought I heard this on the radio now you've confirmed it.
    Lost for words.

  5. Sounds like your problems with the GP go deeper into the Care and Quality Commission for the county. Not all GPs or CQC are saying that. Its a supply problem because the SWISS company mucked up moving into their new warehouse in Sussex. Personally I think Boris should have sent in Army to sort out the logistics. And why do we rely on foreign manufactures still? Have we not learnt lessons? Sorry, ranting, I link you have more to complain about. Ever thought of joining your surgeries Patient panel? They are usually desperate for people to sit on the committees?

  6. You couldn't make it up...what next?

  7. You could phone the 111 number and tell them you're concerned that your heart may be affected by your worsening symptoms x