Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Treadle on

 Thankyou for all the supportive remarks on my last post , still bimbling on with stuff ,  not a lot of time just because i ve left a xmas gift till the last moment as usual , nothing changes . Im currently enjoying the puter being in the spare room. being tiny its quite warm in here , plus i can huddle in a duvet if it does get cold , other half is still wearing shorts and has his shirt off . Just debating putting a few tiny bids on at auction , nothing exciting theyre just big lots in a tender auction . Now there are the normal auctions where you just bid against each other , then theyre are my favourites box auctions . there will be a big pile of boxes maybe as many as 20 then you bid against each other and the highest bidder gets to pick how many boxes they want at that price . Then you start bidding from nil again and the winner gets second picks and on and on till the last few boxes are going for pennies. A tender auction is where you just put what youre prepared to pay for stuff online before the closing date and if you have the highest bid they email you a collection date . The one problem with this is that people bid on these big lots and want only a couple of items out of them ,so the auctioneer pops the stuff they dont want in with another buyers lots. I went to Grantham the other week to pick up  a shoebox of dolls house windows and came home with a big Triang dolls house in bits loads of dolls house furniture and parts and a second big dolls house that may be beyond repair , theres also a very old dolls high chair that i tried to give away on facebook  its not suitable as a kids toy these days but i was thinking it would make an interesting plant stand.



  1. Your spare room sounds nice and cosy-and I wondered whether you did put anything in at the auction?x

    1. didnt get a thing ..which may be a good thing