Wednesday 29 December 2021

Middle of Nowt

 So thats the event over with , usual anticlimax lol . Ended up with 6 for dinner a very manageable number .I got 3 little competition prizes xmas eve so that was the extent of my xmas other than a huge bar of chocolate and a chocolate orange . Daughter informs me that next year shes cooking and i can do buffet boxing day . Good job she mentioned it as i had been planning to donate all my buffet dish pyrex in the New Year as we dont have guests anymore .  We have pretty much lost the last of our friends through Covid , not through death mainly through divorce and our lack of risk taking . Society as a whole does seem to be changing . the visably crippled are expected to lock themselves away and be forgotten about , the same with the very elderly. The biggest risk in our lives is other halfs endless hospital visits , not a thing can be done about that , you cant do online MRIs and endless transfusions on line , though other half has mentioned hes more likely to die from sanitizer poisoning than Covid .

On the daughter front she should never mention she wanted a king sized quilt at short notice because this was the result all from jumble sale and family clothing 



  1. That's brilliant! Lucky daughter! (and lucky cat.)

  2. That quilt is gorgeous especially the lion patch. Beautiful feline, too! x

  3. The quilt is fabulous. Love it.

  4. I love that quilt it's lovely.
    Years ago we used to go to the jumbles on our bikes and come back with black bin liners full of stuff. lol
    I then used to sort all the clothes, take the zips and buttons off and cut the cotton into useable bits, I then used it for patchwork just like you have.
    I wish I'd kept some of the stuff from then it would be worth a fortune now.
    Not a lot of pure cotton about now like there used to be.
    I hope you have a better 2022 but I'm not holding my breath, still, got to try to be optimistic.

  5. The quilt is absolutely beautiful-I love all the colours and patterns you chose-it's lovely x

  6. Just love the quilt cover, a real riot of colours and patterns. Very Glastonbury :)

  7. Beautiful quilt!

  8. I love the quilt. It is amazing.

  9. Oh my goodness, that hutch looks beautiful. I love every little piece. Well done, Alison.
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