Wednesday 9 October 2013

Purseless Wednesday

I had a real Doh! moment this morning and didnt pick up my purse on the way out, good job i'd filled up with fuel yesterday . Didnt realise till id got to skegness just after i drove past a car boot sale on the main road . Drove many miles cussing and spitting then decided to torture myself by doing a few charity shops with no . Sutton on Sea first stop , Childrens Hospice shop packed to the extent of walking round a track, managed to grab a big batch of embroidery transfers for a whole £1.00 that i leave in the car for shopping trolleys .Kidney Charity was packed as well , then somebody said its because they all have to be out of the chalets and caravans by the end of October . so I will make an effort to pop to the coast next week .
On to Mablethorpe , Salvation Army does a good cuppa and i do get the odd retro titbit from there because they will sell anything. Seal Sanctuary , hospice etc all picked to death . The Cancer shop near the Coop keeps everything under the counter for the chosen dealers but clothes and books are dirt cheap .
Alford was its usual productive self , considering this is a little town with a fair few antique shops you can still find nice bits there . Greyhound Trust had some Midwinter in an unpopular pattern that i id have bought if id had my purse , well it was very cheap . Hospice shop there always has nice stuff , for some reason they dont seem to send everything back to the mothership , theres a couple more but they wernt open today.
Spilsby Age UK was the one that made me spit they had loads of Red Rose Pyrex  in the 20p dump bin plus silicon loaf tin liners . Serves me right for forgetting my purse

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