Friday, 25 October 2013

Grimsby Fishy Grimsby Part 2

Started at the opposite end of Grimsby today . Immingham you cant beat a place with huge docks and refineries , it may not be picturesque but i have a soft spot for it , its supposed to be getting lots of new stores soon , but it still has a vile 60s shopping precinct at the moment and 3 rather good charity shops , Barnardos has one of its everything £1.99 clothing shops, they tend to be B grade stock or things that havent sold elsewhere , but as im not averse to sewing a button on or using a bit of stain remover I love it . Relate has a super cheap shop there as well , spent my lunch money on yet more knitting magazines to read and a couple of retro 70s lovelies , a stack of pillowcases not very exciting ones but for pennies i will find a use for them . Watermelon plastic plates whats not to love about those .
Theres another charity shop on the Willows estate in Grimsby that belongs to the YMCA I think do correct me if im wrong  you can pick the odd gem up there , but it suffers from odd pricing disorder . Then its St Andrews Hospice on Cromwell Road a shop thats so cramped you cant really look at stuff .
I thought id extend my tour to Cleethorpes but it was heaving once the sun came out , the schools are on half term . so i just managed the Womens Aid on Cleethorpes Road , this always seems to have really good quality clothing at a decent price , actually bought a brand new tagged big girls top for £2.50 , more than ive spent for months ....

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