Monday 14 October 2013

Pillowcase Love

Boston again today and greatly to my shock I visited Age UK and picked up this pair of Barkcloth glorious autumn shades curtains , into the ebay shop these must go im afraid , I could think of a dozen projects for these including covering the vile rocking chair cushions,but cant be sentimental ive rent to pay .lol

Then it was my favourite of the moment vintage pillowcases , they store so well and theres just the right amount of fabric for most projects I tackle , including quilting , theyre usually poly cotton so they dont rot . Has anyone else noticed of late that a lot of cotton shirts just rot into holes in one season now ? are they doing this deliberately , is it a green policy or just a ploy to make you buy more clothes ? I have a theory that your not supposed to hang your washing out these days so they dont test fabrics for UV sensitivity anymore because everybody works indoors and just tumble drys everything . My daughters generation seem to be the worse offenders one of her friends told me it was unhygenic and a total waste of her time to hang out washing , after all thats what you do if your poor  . Money to burn more like
So today every shop I went in seemed to have odd 70s and 80s pillowcases , which to me made it a good day , ive just finished a yellow project so they can go but im building up to a pink project for the winter , I like hexie hand quilting and every once in a while i get the urge , it takes forever but i find it satisfying and ive a bored soon to be 5 year old boy on the premises , its time he learned to sew , it does him no harm and its a useful skill for life.

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