Tuesday 29 October 2013

Bottom of the Pile

Its strange the stuff I find gathering dust usually the odds and ends of big batches of charity shop raids , the last item in the bag , ive been searching for a big bag of napkins that I put away for xmas sales can I find them nooooooo.

But i did find these , I saw a crafty idea where someone hung pretty casserole lids on their wall and it looked great , so I purchased a gorgeous pair of 30s tulip flowered odd lids for pennies , cant hang them here because this place is tiny and the boys all have footballers shoulders and fetch stuff off the walls on a regular basis . So ebay here they come. Pretty much perfect jadeite green vintage tupperware colander with drainer , on to ebay it will go , how many colanders can one girl have? A really pretty Polyanna Grows Up ancient edition , needs to go .

This one is a struggle , huge collection of recipes many hand written , some pasted in , from magazines newspapers, food boxes etc all in a little brown recipe book they date from 1950 to the 70s , theres loads of cake recipes , plenty of suet . I did sell one much smaller but a little older last month for a good price . So it really needs to go.
 Sometimes making money is hard work , this month sales have been very slow . We have post strikes starting next week , a great british xmas tradition .  So the big decision is to list or not , overseas buyers arent very understanding about delays and a lot of what i sell goes all over the world  , theres also the fact that my real world job looks to be quite busy into xmas. But if I stop selling for a few weeks it doesnt mean I will stop buying , or doing show and tell online

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