Wednesday 2 October 2013

Thrift / Charity Shop Hates

Whats are the things that drive you mad about thrift shops wherever in the world they lurk? Heres the UKs biggest problem  ..Mary Portess self styled government guru of the high street , she has destroyed the traditional charity shop, because they were not up market enough.  Instead we have acres of slippy wood flooring , very little stock because it must appear like a high end boutique and hideous overpricing. Does anyone shop in these shops anymore? I must admit i just walk past them . There is still the odd haven of sanity out there , independent charities and the Salvation army spring to mind .
  The latest trend for charity shops seems to be The Vintage shop , many of them have stripped their stock of all vintage and retro and sent it to a central shop in the nearest city , I know they have to make money but isnt this just making all the shops theyve stripped unattractive? The variety and thrill of the chase was what made you go into them in the first place. 
Meanwhile here is todays charity shop gripe .

Why when you get to the till do they ruin goods by ripping sticky labels off? And yes ive bought another jigsaw from the

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