Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Getting Crafty

Its stopped raining finally , so today i thought i'd drag a couple of projects that are nearing completion outside for a photo shoot .  I had a vision a while a go when i found on my travels a huge reel of red blanket tape , it cost me all of £1 and the patchwork blocks were something i'd done for a cure for boredom last winter , all made with loads of material that a lovely lady who had stopped sewing gave away on Freecycle . Then it got weirder , we bought a bad duvet it  had something very wrong with its covering fabric, it generated static and twisted round whatever cover it was in . So daft lass here decided to unpick it and have a look , i discovered that you could pull apart the individual layers of hollowfiber and an idea was born .( I would add, dont dismantle a duvet in the house the mess is unbelievable ) So know i have my version of an eiderdown that weighs next to nothing but will make a great window quilt . 

Then of course grandson decides he wants one ,so thats under construction , all i have left to do is the hand hemming and the velcro to fasten to the frames . All these quilts have cost me in real terms is approx £5 and 2 reels of thread , theyre both backed with vintage sheeting . Yes you can spend a fortune on fat quarters and jelly rolls but theres quiet satisfaction in recycling what you have around you and i still have 2 huge bags of hollowfibre for a rainy day . I can also vouch for the fact that a 95 year old singer sewing machine quilts rather well

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