Monday 7 October 2013

Home Schooling Anyone?

Strange reading material today , Child Education from 1960, I have no idea where i found this pile of magazines , not sure if theyre worth listing , I thought theyd make a nice gift for a modern teacher , but my daughter says that quirky is frowned upon they expect big named gifts these days . This is therefore a rant , what happened to schooling, since when do people give teachers presents 2 and 3 times a year ? did i miss this in the Home School contract ? My grandsons been at school just a few weeks and im allready horrified , do they not teach at reception classes anymore, where have all these teaching assistants appeared from?
Look at the cover of the magazine , little people sat at desks learning , back then it was one scary teacher and 40 kids , by the time mine had started school they had a teaching assistant in reception for the ones who were'nt house trained .

The magazines are a lost world of education all jolly songs and rhymes , Ladybird and Enid Blyton where did we go wrong? Glockenspiel Anyone?
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