Friday 18 October 2013

Famine Over

Finally a break from the charity shop famine , The Cats Protection were having a closing down sale as they are moving site , theyd emptied the stockroom of stuff theyd had for years. I turned up just as they were packing up and i came out laden up for the grand sum of £1.80 I dread to think what they started with

Norman Rockwell Cook Book great illustrations may chop up for the illustrations if it doesnt sell . An old black and white framed photograph of Poole Dorset , might just flog the photo there are collectors of aeriel photography out there  , More childrens books to cut up and a few for the little man , 60s sugar dredger thats been claimed as a salt shaker by Mr Bah Humbug , yet more knitting patterns and some unopened knitting magazines with the gifts still in, im so mean i can never justify spending £5 on a magazine no matter how glossy  . The Nomad Trust yielded this harvest formica tray that i have a use for , gorgeous small vintage biscuit tin that will become yet more sewing storage and a brooch that im not sure why i bought it but it was 50s and cheap . Lots more stuff to unpack yet .  Always lifts the spirits when you have a good day at the thrifts

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