Thursday 3 October 2013

Motivated Thursday

my day started well at 1am this morning when a four year old wanted his onesy fastening up , i rolled over clicked my back and the poor child is now scarred for life after been attacked by a screaming flailing harpy. Meanwhile  Mr Bah Humbug  continued snoring as i hobbled of into the distance and a night playing inane games on the puter while chucking any painkiller i could find down my throat .
We will get to ebay eventually i just want to ask you take a look at a speech given to the Tory Party by Jack Monroe

The 6th richest country in the world and theres people out there who cant afford to feed their children. Im blessed in my current life, but the kids and I have been there , they still laugh about pork pie stew ( you could get a carrier bag full of out of date ones for a pound ) any left over veg or packet soup ,half a dozen mini pork pies , into the slow cooker , lasted for 2 or 3 days.  organic no, filling yes

That was the reason I started ebay many moons ago , it funded my a story for another day . Today ive made an effort and gone to the back of the top shelf in search of items .

A Truly filthy fisher price record player , works perfectly just needs a really good clean , im told this is in this months Mollie Makes  , do tell me if it is I can put the price

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