Thursday 10 October 2013

Positive Thursday

Yeah  its been a good day , won something !!! on a blog , thankyou so much to  shes a nice lady, she has quilts, cats and treadle sewing machines. all things pretty high on my viewing list .
I must admit I stalked a lot of blogs for a year or so before I got up courage to comment and join in , i dont think id ever get the courage up to do a blog meet or anything like that , but i enjoy the fact that im not the only person out there who just wants something a bit more than ordinary in their lives. As a total techno disaster , im slowly progressing with the whole blog idea but its very much 2 steps forward 2 steps back . Why they cant make things more simple for the unenlightened of us I dont know ?
So future aims are to add stuff to the sides of the blog , errrr ive tried but it didnt go well , maybe a G&T and more sleep might help, or the absence of a 19 year old nerd thinking hes being helpful .

Anyway todays wander round the county has been a little more productive , the Christians of Gainsborough have provided a few bits , then it was on to Ashby , lots of charity shops in my lunch hour , saw quite a few nice retro clothing bits in the Sally Anne but nothing said Buy Me , RSPCA was its usual ultra cheap hunting ground for a few bits including yet more childrens books for my every growing collection , if i open a book and i like the cat, its going home with me , plus grandson gets to read them , he all ready knows i only read cat books to him
Then onwards to Barton on Humber , I havent been there for months but it still has 3 decent charity shops , once again just a few books and some very nice knitting patterns . Ive got to find some fertile hunting grounds for this weekend , but the weather does look vile so we will see  

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